Motorcycle Education For The Future


Mission Statement

The purpose of this site is to bring together all in the motorcycle industry into a single system. This system will allow for all the training to reside in a single location that all would have different levels of access to. This type of program will allow manufactures to supply the latest and greatest material to students at a click of a button. This would also allow manufactures to share dealer training at different levels with dealers and schools. When done the industry can have its own certifying body that will give it the respect that it deserves.

Through the next few months, The International Master Bike Builders Association and The Chopper Institute of America will be working together with the education and training programs that already exist and are available to Builders globally to put them onto one central system. This relationship will allow for both parties to advance the education of current students and future students making sure that existing builders and mechanics are not left behind. This next step is very critical as the tip of the spear in education and training leading towards certifications globally to the motorcycle trade persons. This next step comes with a L.M.S (Learning Management System) that has been set up by the C.I. of A. and is similar to the ones used by SAE International and colleges around the world in training and tracking students, professional’s education, training and certifications. Students would start on the system as early as a High School Vocational program..This industry needs a system that certifies training material for every one to have access to. Builders/mechanics/suppliers/ and manufactures alike. This system also brings the motorcycle industry to the next level and gives it the credibility that it lacks compared to the Automotive/ Aerospace Industry. IMBBA see's a huge benefit with combining the L.M.S. system and all of IMBBA's data files on all its members. This system will also house any training and technical schools training material. With suppliers supplying their training material and manufactures supplying dealer training, this portal allows for the most cost effective and effect way to deliver material. This delivery of material is also tracked for each user and based on that tracking certifications can be issued as student complete courses or sections. This system will also allow for students to have their IEP's on the system that will make it easier on the instructors and meet state requirements. This LMS is the same that the major universities use..

EDUCATION STUDENT PORTAL The Education Student Portal is a Learning Management System (LMS) that all students and training material resides on. This data base allows for the most efficient way to deliver the latest training material to the student at the lowest cost. This system also tracks the student from their first class to the end of their career. This LMS is the same type of system that you will find at any college or online training academy. This system was developed by The International Master Bike Builders Association and The Chopper Institute of America for the future student.

Most of the current training material that you find the LMS has been developed by the Chopper Institute as an example and may not look like the final product.



04-02-11 IMBBA and Chopper Institute of America turns on LMS for display and to start to demo. 08-20-10 IMBBA and Chopper Institute of America agrees to work on joint program LMS for the cycle industry. 04-01-10 International Master Bike Builders endorses Motorcycle Fundamentals 101 for use with its program. 03-01-10 Chopper Institute of America releases Motorcycle Fundamentals 101 based on the book Chopper Fundamentals 101.


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